T.E.D. as part of the larger IAS Fine Art Logistics Group is able to provide you with a comprehensive collections’ management service, meaning that at any given time you will be aware of the location, declared value and condition of your entire artwork collection.

Whether you are a private collector, corporate entity, public museum or private gallery we are able to tailor a collections management solution to suit your specific needs.

Asset Management

Whether your artwork collection is housed at your premises or at one of our museum standard storage facilities, it will be managed by our Art Information Management System (AIMS).


We are able to obtain a valuation on every artwork of your collection. Having current valuations, enables you to ensure that your asset register and insurance policies are maintained to reflect the current market values.

Rotation of collection

To optimise the enjoyment of each piece of your artwork, whilst delivering a fresh visual effect, we are able to coordinate a scheduled rotation of your collection.

Framing or Reframing

To refresh the look of your artwork, we are able to arrange for the reframing of an existing piece of artwork or the framing a new acquisition. Framing can be in the form of traditional designs or the latest contemporary styling. Our registrars will consult with you to select a framing design to complement your new or existing décor.


We enjoy long standing relationships with Australia’s leading art conservation companies and are able to coordinate conservation works to suit your requirements. If conservation is required, it can be scheduled to occur in conjunction with your art rotation program or as a one off requirement.

Art Consultancy

If you require educated advice on developing an artwork collection, appraising an existing collection, a new acquisition or the commissioning of a specific piece, we can connect you with Australia’s leading art consultants.

If you’d like to know more about our extensive packing, crating and installation services simply give us a call to “talk to the crate maker”. Or if you would like to submit a quick enquiry, please just click – complete and submit, and we’ll get back to you soon.