Hi (T.E.D.) Thank you!!! The images you emailed (of sculpture being packed) are brilliant. Thanks for your fabulous assistance in coordinating this. Anat.

Dear (T.E.D.), The clocks you shipped to London from Sydney arrived today in beautiful condition and I send my thanks and congratulations to you on some superb packing. The delivery company over here followed instructions to the letter and the clocks arrived 9 a.m. in a suitable vehicle to unload right at the door. Again, many thanks, John.

Hello (T.E.D.), Thank you for all your help! We received the Art work for the Seattle office and it looks great. Thanks and Regards, Mashirah

Dear (T.E.D.), This is to report that our painting has indeed arrived safely (how could it not? Your craft in preparing the crate ensured it would be 100%) and certainly with amazing promptness. Thanks for your professional and friendly help. J.Neill

Dear (T.E.D) Thank you so much for all your practical, no nonsense, good humoured and professional help with the installation of the (very large) painting. All of us in Preservation and Original Materials greatly value your help and professionalism. Many thanks as always Nicky

Dear (T.E.D), The trolley has worked like a dream and is now my favourite piece of gallery equipment. Thank you so much for delivering it on the Friday. We needed to move the collection the following Monday. Cheers to T.E.D. We are now unpacking the (next) show, such beautiful packaging - you guys always do a great job. Regards Louise